Mantle of Vrykolakas

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Mantle of Vrykolakas
Class CP Requires
Revenant 60 Feeding Fangs
Mantle of Vrykokalas
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 15 minutes
  • Feeding Fangs deal Arcane damage.

A character with this skill can activate the Mantle of Vrykolakas Status Effect for 15 minutes at a cost of 1 AP and 10 MP.

This status effect changes the Feeding Fangs damage type from Piercing to Arcane.

Vrykolakas are often amalgamated with Vampires in Revenant lore, despite slight differences. A Revenant shrouded in the Mantle of Vrykolakas is a spiritual form of undead, whereas Vampiric Revenants are bestial undead.

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