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Class CP Requires
Corruptor 0 None
  • Corruptor is able to draw MP from potions, spellgems and enchantments from items for 1AP
  • Items: Random enchantment is taken from the item and Corruptor gains 25 MP
  • If the enchantment was created with a potion, Corruptor gains the potions effect
  • Potions: Corruptor gains 10 MP and half the potion's duration.
  • Spellgems: Drained to 0 charges; Corruptor gains (spell cost) x (charges) x 2 MP.
  • Corruptor may view Enchants on an item.

Corruptor gains the ability to select a potion, spellgem or enchantment on an item in their inventory and "consume" its magical essence. This ability costs 1 AP. Corruptors gain this skill for free upon selecting the class.

If an enchanted item is selected, an enchantment is chosen at random from that item and consumed. The character gains 25 MP for consuming the enchantment (may go over maximum) and, if the enchantment was created by use of a potion (i.e., not the Martial Spellcraft skill), the character also gains the effect of that potion for a duration equal to the number of uses that were remaining in the enchantment consumed.

If used on a potion, the Corruptor gains 10 MP. For potions that have a duration, the Corruptor gains the potion's effect for half the usual duration. For Potions of Magic Recovery, the Corruptor gains the usual 15 MP (for a total of 25 MP gained).

If used on a spellgem, the spellgem is drained of charges but remains in your inventory. For each charge the spellgem contains, the Corruptor gains twice the MP required to cast the spell. If used on a spellgem that contains no charges, it is instead destroyed and the Corruptor gains twice the MP required to cast the spell, i.e., as if they had drained a spellgem containing one charge.

The Corruptor may go over their maximum MP total by using this skill, in which case they will lose 5 MP per Game Tick until their Magic Point total is less than or equal to their normal maximum amount.

In addition, the Corruptor may view which enchants an item contains by mouse-hovering over the name of the item in inventory.

Corruptor Skills

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