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People go here to find Clothes, though Costume Shops have put up stiff competition for local malls in recent Breaths.

For 5 AP, players may search a Mall for a specific item of clothing. This item is generated by choosing a color/material from one dropdown menu and a clothing type from another. There are over 1,700 possible clothing combinations that can be generated this way, though many other items of clothing exist that cannot be obtained via this system.

Mall.gif You are standing outside of Mall. It is three stories high with a large glass entryway, but otherwise lacks exterior windows. The outside of the building is covered with signs advertising stores to be found within.
You are standing inside of Mall. A vast assortment of shops can be found here, connected by a spacious atrium with a large skylight. Almost all of the stores on the highest floor are closed and empty.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 30
Hide % 10 30