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Magic Points (MP) measure and track a character's magical power. The higher the number of Magic Points a character has, the greater their magical ability. Certain abilities, notably casting spells, require the use of Magic Points; many skills (those belonging to Tier 2 or Tier 3 classes) are also powered by Magic Points. Other activities, such as using Portals, also consume Magic Points.

Magic Points are replenished at the base rate of 1 point every Game Tick, which occurs every 15 minutes. If a character runs out of Magic Points then they can no longer use skills, abilities or other actions (including using most portals) that require Magic Points as part of their activation. Most actions (such as casting a spell, using a portal, joining a Planar Guild or invoking a Stronghold) require you to have at least as many Magic Points as they take in order to use them, while some allow you to go into negative Magic Points, as long as you have at least some Magic Points to begin with.

A character's maximum Magic Point total is determined mostly by their level. A character starts with a maximum of 20 MP, and gains 1 for each level. A normal character's MP maximum is 49 points at level 30. There are, however, many skills which can increase or decrease the amount.

Sense Magic

The four states of a character's Magic Bars

If a character has the Sense Magic skill they will see a blue bar next to the name of every character in a location. If such a character is at their full Magic Point level, the blue bar will be full (state A in the image). A character at less than full Magic Points but with at least half their maximum will have a blue bar that is mostly filled (state B). A character at less than half their Magic Point maximum but with at least 10% of their total points remaining will have a barely filled blue bar (state C). A character with less than 10% of their total Magic Points remaining will have an empty blue bar (state D). The exact numerical Magic Points value of any character can be displayed by hovering the cursor over this blue bar.

Draining and Sapping

Some skills remove Magic Points from a target and grant them to another in a process called draining. This differs from sapping in that sapping effects only remove the points from a target.
Some examples are listed here:

Increasing Magic Points

As mentioned above, gaining a level will increase a character's Magic Point total. Characters begin the game with 20 Magic Points (though it should be noted that because no Mortal skills require Magic Points to activate, there isn't much use for MPs while a character is in Tier 1) and will attain a final Magic Point total of 49 when they reach 30th level.

There are certain skills which can increase a character's normal Magic Point maximum beyond what is normally allowed for their level. These increases are permanent.

These skills are:

Finding all 50 fragments of the Lore of Haldon will increase any character's MP by 10.

Recovering Magic Points

Magic Points can be recovered in many ways. The most common way is through time as every 15 minutes a character will gain 1 MP up to their Magic Point maximum. There are also items and skills that a character can use to recover Magic Points in a more immediate manner.

These items can recover a character's Magic Points:

These pets can grant Magic Points to certain characters:

These skills can recover a character's Magic Points:

These skills also grant Magic Point recovery when attacking other characters or pets:

Regenerating Magic Points

Certain effects and skills allow a character to regain some amount of Magic Points over a period of time. A list of these follows: