Lord over Domain

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Lord Over Domain
Class CP Requires
Dark Oppressor 60 Terrifying Aspect
  • Dark Oppressor gains bonuses when standing in Stygia or on an Evil-aligned Ley Line
    • +5 Soak
    • +20% To-Hit%
    • +10% Dodge
    • Ability to pick up and use Heavy Items (Stygia only)

A Dark Oppressor with Lord Over Domain draws power and confidence from the dark energies permeating their surroundings. This skill grants the character certain bonuses when the character is on a tile containing an Evil-aligned Ley Line or anywhere within the infernal plane of Stygia. Those bonuses are:

  • +10% Defence Bonus
  • +20% To-Hit Bonus
  • +5 Soak Bonus
  • The ability to pick up and use Heavy Items (while in Stygia only)

The soak bonus stacks with other sources of soak, such as Mystic Shield and Mundane Armor.

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