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Class CP Requires
Mortal 10 None
  • Character is able to unlock doors
  • Odds of success increase when using set of lockpicks
  • Set of Lockpicks craftable outside for 5AP

Character is able to pick locks without the aid of a Set of Lockpicks. Base chance of success is 35% without lockpicks, 60% with lockpicks. Note that doors can be picked with a Set of Lockpicks alone (i.e., without the skill) at a 25% rate of success.

Character is also able to craft a Set of Lockpicks outside for 5AP.

Successfully picking a lock grants 8XP with or without the aid of a Set of Lockpicks.

A character can gain experience from lockpicking doors they themselves have locked - but this is an AP expensive procedure to set up many times in a row (5 AP to open a door, enter the building, close the door, lock the door, leave the building). Furthermore, lockpicking is not 100% sucessful, so it may take more than 6AP to pick the door you locked. Doors locked by other characters are generally rare; this means Lockpicking is not a very quick means to gain experience.

Circumstance Chance of Success
Set of Lockpicks Only 25%
Lockpicking Skill Only 35%
Lockpicking with Lockpicks 60%

Mortal Skills

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