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Tier: 3
Morality: Good
Entrance: Shepherd



The blessed of Baraas. A Lightspeaker is tasked with caring for the smaller creatures who can not care for themselves. It is a common misconception that a Lightspeaker controls the creatures they summon. Instead, the two enter into a mutual agreement, working together for the betterment of all involved. In addition to their caretaker role, a Lightspeaker is expected to oversee and manage the growth of that which is important to them.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Caretakers Blessing Rejuvenating pets costs 5 MP less. - 30 - -
Caretakers Gift Pets' summon costs are reduced by 5 MP. Caretakers Blessing 60 - -
Glyph Mastery Passive. Glyphs cast by the character have 50% greater health. - 30 - -
Keepers Crook Innate Melee weapon. Deals +8 Impact damage and +10% to hit. - 30 - -
Summon Aethersprite Lightspeaker is able to summon Aethersprite pets. - 30 -1 -20
Brothers Bond The Lightspeaker may summon 2-4 Aethersprites with a single Summon action. Summon Aethersprite 60 - -
Heart Light Aethersprites restore 5 MP with each heal action, costing 5 MP Summon Aethersprite 60 - -
Summon Judgemaster Lightspeaker is able to summon Judgemaster pets - 30 -1 -20
Soldiers of Endurance Judgemasters gain +30 maximum AP, +30 maximum HP, and +5% defense Summon Judgemaster 60 - -
Soldiers of Might Judgemasters summoned by the character gain a +10% to attack chance, a +2 bonus to damage, +10 to action points, +10 to magic points, and their secondary damage type is changed to slashing. Summon Judgemaster 60 - -
Verdant Sling Character gains the ability to transmute some organic alchemical components into weapons for 1 AP - 30 -1 -
Vitality of Justice Passive. Pets gain an additional 5 AP when rejuvenated. Pets gain at least 5 MP when rejuvenated, even if this takes them over their maximum MP. - - - -
Summon Wheel of Righteousness Character can summon a single Wheel of Righteousness for 1 AP and 30MP Vitality of Justice 60 -1 -30
Wings Triggered. Character can fly and move for half the normal AP cost. - 30 -1 -3