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Laurentia contains a single Lighthouse, the Cape Moreau Light in northern Cimmeria. Built in 1871, the lighthouse was named in honor of Jacques Moreau, the Laurentian founding figure whose push for unification between the various districts of what would become Laurentia made its construction and operation possible. While modern geolocation technology made the Cape Moreau Lighthouse obsolete in the middle of the twentieth century, it was maintained as a branch of the Cimmeria History Museum and was regularly open for tours.

In its 21st-century role as a museum, the Cape Moreau Lighthouse was lit only on special occasions, most commonly on the birthday of Jacques Moreau (January 21st) and Pioneer Day (May 20th), which commemmorated the landing of the first explorers in Laurentia by shipwreck.

Lighthouse.gif You are standing outside of Lighthouse. This is a rounded tower of whitewashed brick that stands atop a rocky promontory overlooking the sea. It is connected to a simple clapboard house that once housed lighthouse keepers. The lamp is dark.
You are standing inside of Lighthouse. The keeper's quarters are clean, if small, and have been preserved to reflect living conditions roughly a century ago. The lantern chamber atop the tower contains a huge, elaborate lens made of many pieces of curved glass.

Outside Inside
Find % 10 20
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Strongholds