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Tier: 3
Morality: Unrestricted
Entrance: Sorcerer



A Lich does not fear death, they embrace it. Unlike the Revenant, no deal is made with Hashaa to achieve Lichdom. Instead, a Lich has cracked the magicks that control death through their own means, and use this knowledge to set themselves off the regular path of life and death. While a Lich does exist outside of the control of Hashaa, she casts her blessings upon them for their accomplishment anyway. While a Lich becomes undead by their own means, it is through Hashaa that they are able to control the dead, and reanimate the recently slain.

The Lich is the master of death magic. Lichs are able to use their new found magical skills to animate the dead, creating Skeletons or Zombies from corpses around them. They are able to harm others through touch alone, and can attack foes with their own Bonesword. Lichs can harness their magic to summon corpses to their location, and are able to summon Will-O-Wisps, without using a corpse, to fight their foes.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Animate Dead Character can summon a Skeleton or Zombie using a random corpse on the location - 30 -1 -10
Bone Seeker Skeletons raised by the character gain +4 to damage, +15% to hit, +20 AP, and +5 MP. Animate Dead 60 - -
Create Fossil Monstrosity Character can combine 3 summoned Skeletons to create a Fossil Monstrosity Animate Dead 60 -1 -
Simulacrum Character gains +2% defense per Zombie or Ghoul summoning Animate Dead 60 - -
Summon Ghoul Zombies summoned by the character are now Ghouls. Animate Dead 60 - -
Bonesword Character gains an innate Melee Combat weapon dealing 8 Death damage and +10% to hit bonus - 30 - -
Infectious Blade Any character killed by Bonesword rises as a skeleton, Bonesword deals bonus damage to critically wounded foes Bonesword 60 - -
Death Mastery Character is immune to death damage and no longer leaves a corpse. Gains a +2 damage bonus to Death damage attacks - 30 - -
Death Touch Character gains an innate Hand-to-Hand attack dealing Death damage - 30 -1 -
Aura of the Crypt Character gains an aura dealing Death damage to close-combat attackers Death Touch 60 - -
Hand of the Necromancer Character uses the Hand-to-Hand combat tree when attacking with Death spells, gains +2 damage to Death spells, -2 MP to Death spell casting costs Death Touch 60 - -
Glyph Mastery Glyphs cast by the character have double duration. - 30 - -
Reanimation Respawn cost is Level/3 instead of Level/2 - - - -
Phylactery Character can create a Phylactery to respawn at - 60 -1 -10
Servitor of the Grave Character can summon a corpse from another location to the current location - 30 -3 -5
Soul Harvest Character can transform a random corpse into a Bone Trinket Servitor of the Grave 60 -2 -5
Summon Will-O-Wisp Character can summon a Will-O-Wisp - 30 -1 -15
Summon Wight Character can summon a Wight Summon Will-O-Wisp 60 -1 -25
Terrifying Aspect Character gains +10% Defense bonus - 30 - -
Vestige of the Wraith Triggered. Character can fly and move for half the normal AP cost. - 30 -1 -3