The Legions of the Abyss

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The Legions of the Abyss is the faction inherently aligned to Evil. All Demons who do not have a Faction will be automatically assigned to this Faction upon becoming a Demon (including becoming a Fallen). Only Demons may join the Legions of the Abyss, and it requires its members to have Evil morality at all times.

The Legions of the Abyss is different from other factions in that its leadership decisions are determined by the Evil Elder Powers; the Legions cannot have Leader-rank player characters. As such, several aspects of this faction that Leaders would normally decide are determined by the whims of the Powers instead:

  • Strongholds: If the Legions are eligible to set a Stronghold, one will automatically be created at a vacant, strongholdable location in Stygia on the daily Tick.
  • Politics: The Legions are always friendly to Evil factions and always hostile to Unaligned and Good factions.
  • Ranks: The Legions will automatically promote any Tier 3 member to Veteran and any Level 30 member to Lieutenant.