Legion Master

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Legion Master
Class CP Requires
Dark Oppressor 90 Lord over Domain
  • Each factionmate in the same map tile (both inside and outside combined) adds Level*3 to grant bonuses to the Dark Oppressor
  • The effective benefit of character levels has a maximum of 500
  • Accuracy and Defense bonus stacks with Lord over Domain bonuses

A Dark Oppressor who is a Legion Master gains more powers as they gather more followers unto them. With enough numbers in the legion, the Dark Oppressor gains bonuses similar to Lord Over Domain that scale with the presence of more factionmates. These bonuses apply even outside of the locations where Lord Over Domain benefits apply (Stygia or atop an Unholy Ley Line).

With this skill, any factionmates in the same area will contribute towards the Dark Oppressor's bonuses. Each factionmate will contribute three times their level in Legion Master Value, up to a maximum total of 500, at which point the Oppressor gains +20% accuracy, +10% defense and +5 soak as if the Oppressor was in Stygia or atop an Unholy Ley Line.

For purposes of counting factionmates in the same area, Legion Master does not distinguish between factionmates inside and outside the Dark Oppressor's location and will pool the levels of both. For instance, a Dark Oppressor stepping alone into an enemy Stronghold to tank down enemy Pets during a raid will gain Legion Master bonuses from the presence of their raid teammates waiting outside.

If the Dark Oppressor is also in Stygia or atop an Unholy Ley Line, the bonuses of Legion Master stack with the benefits of Lord Over Domain for a potential total bonus of +40% to accuracy, +20% defence, and +10 soak.

Legion Master Bonuses
Bonus Legion Master Value on tile
50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500
Defense Bonus +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Accuracy Bonus +2% +4% +6% +8% +10% +12% +14% +16% +18% +20%
Soak Bonus +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

Dark Oppressor Skills

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