Leathern Wings

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Class CP Requires
Corruptor 30 None
Dark Oppressor 30 None
Infernal Behemoth 30 None
AP MP HP Duration
1 3 -

Grants the character the ability to Fly

Leathern Wings grants the character the ability to fly. It costs 1 Action Point and 3 Magic Points to activate. When activated the character gains the Flying Status Effect.

Movement made while Flying is at half normal AP cost. In other words, instead of 1 AP per tile moved the character now spends 1 AP per two tiles moved. The first move after activating flight is always free (that is, costs 0 AP). This ability cannot be used indoors.

Flying allows a character to pass over obstructions or dangerous effects on the ground. For example, the character can move without trouble over lava or water tiles.

Flying grants the character certain advantages in combat. A Flying character cannot be attacked by Hand-to-Hand or Melee attacks from a non-flying character. On the other hand, the Flying character cannot make Hand-to-Hand or Melee attacks against non-flying targets, either.

At each Game Tick, any character with the Flying status effect loses that status effect and gains the Gliding Status Effect. Any character with the Gliding status effect at a Game Tick will lose that status effect and return to the ground automatically.

If a character with Gliding moves into a new tile, they will lose Gliding and regain the Flying status effect. Landing will clear any Wings-related Status Effects from the character.

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