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A leaderboard is a listing of the top ten characters in a particular field. Certain in-game activities are tracked, and the more often a character performs them the higher up in the ranks that character will rise. Leaderboards are found in newspapers, under the fold.

Quite often, the activities that a leaderboard tracks will also earn a character achievement badges. Pursuing many of these activities is also a prime source of experience points.

Leader Boards are tracked both per breath and for a characters's lifetime.

Current Breath | Career | Breath 3

The leaderboards are:

  • Most Killed Characters
  • Top Alcoholics
  • Top Angel Killers
  • Top Crafters
  • Top Damage Dealers
  • Top Degenerates
  • Top Demon Killers
  • Top Door Destroyers
  • Top Door Repairmen
  • Top Electricians
  • Top Gourmands
  • Top Healers
  • Top Killers
  • Top Lockpickers
  • Top Pet Killers
  • Top Pill Takers
  • Top Punching Bags
  • Top Readers
  • Top Repairers
  • Top Target Shooters
  • Top Experience Earners