Lamp of Clinging Purity

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Lamp of Clinging Purity
Class CP Requires
Redeemed 60 Candle of the Soul
Lamp of Clinging Purity
AP MP HP Other
5 - 5 5 Morality.
Attack Type Base Accuracy
AoE Auto(?)
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
- - -
  • Revokes the Hidden and Invisibility Status from all Characters in the location.
  • Characters of Morality equal to or less than -5 are inflicted with Illuminated for (Morality / -5), rounded down, Status Ticks.
  • Characters afflicted by Illuminated suffer a -10% penalty their defense value.
  • Attempts to Hide or turn Invisible made by Characters afflicted by Illuminated automatically fail.

At the cost of 5 Hit Points, 5 Morality Points, and 5 Action Points, the Redeemed causes the inner light of their purity to shine forth, banishing darkness and clinging to evil. All characters in the tile are unhidden and any invisible status is revoked. In addition, characters of Morality -5 or below who were revealed gain the Illuminated status effect for a number of status ticks equal to their morality score divided by -5, rounded down (e.g. a character with a morality score of -38 gains the effect for 7 status ticks).

Redeemed Skills

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