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Nexus Clash has several Keyboard Shortcuts to streamline common actions in the game. These keyboard shortcuts run on Access Key functionality, which means that the exact process to activate them depends on your browser and operating system. On a Windows device, as of this writing (November 2019) activating keyboard shortcuts requires Alt+Key on Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge, or Alt+Shift+Key on Firefox. A full list of button paths for Mac and Linux devices as well as other browsers can be found in the Access Key article linked above.

Nexus keyboard shortcuts include:

  • A to Attack your currently selected player-character target.
  • P to attack the currently selected Pet.
  • G to attack a Glyph.
  • S to Search.
  • H to Hide.
  • M to toggle the Interface to the Map.
  • I to toggle the Interface to the Inventory.
  • X to heal the current dropdown target. Where multiple methods are available, the priorities run Surgery -> Healing Herbs -> Bone Leeches -> First Aid Kits.
  • R to pick up (Retrieve) items on the ground.
  • B to enter and exit a building. B will also open the door from outside if a closed (but not locked) door is a barrier to entry.
  • J to sabotage or repair power. Inside a Power Plant, this applies to repairing or sabotaging generators.
  • W to attack wards or doors.
  • L to retrieve or capture stronghold flags
  • O to bash or build fortifications
  • T to shoot targets.