Keepers Crook

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Keepers Crook
Class CP Requires
Lightspeaker 30 None
Keepers Crook
AP MP HP Other
1 - - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Melee 20%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Impact 8 -
  • When attacking a Petmaster, Pets will not retaliate.
  • Successful hits against Pets have a 50% chance to set the pet to Passive.

The Lightspeaker gains an innate Melee attack, the Keepers Crook. This weapon deals 8 points of Impact damage and has an innate +10% to-hit.

When a Petmaster is attacked with the Keepers Crook, pets will not immediately retaliate against the Lightspeaker. They will still target the Lightspeaker (and hence will retaliate on the Pet Tick).

When a Pet is hit by the Keepers Crook, there is a 50% chance that the Pet's stance will be changed to Passive.

Lightspeaker Skills

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