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Breath 2 Shards of Existence

Acid Springs || Birchdale || Caprica
Crystal Grotto || Diamondthrone || Foghaven
The Forgotten Bay || Heroic Yearnings
Kaleidescopia || Marrakun || The Necropolis
Il Pozzo del Deserto || Silverlight || Wonderland Gehenna || Elysium


Portals leaving Kaleidescopia


Kaleidescopia is unique among the shards of the Nexus, in that it has an example of almost every tile that exists in the rest of the Nexus, and a few that don't. However, in a move probably inspired by Ahg-za-haru himself, the location of each and every tile changes every Game Tick. Therefore care must be taken. If you are crossing the shard when the game ticks, you will certainly lose your bearings, and have to find your way out again with exhaustive searching.

This is the only place where the weapon Chaos Shard and armor Opalescent Breastplate exist. These items disappear from your inventory when you leave the shard, and reappear when you return.

There are 5 known portals, or rather there were since if you're reading this, it's Breath 4 and Kaleidoscopia (when it is visitable at all) only connects to Breath 4 planes. Their destinations were: