Ivory Tower

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It is a tall tower made entirely out of the teeth of dead elephants. Ivory Towers are the pinnacle of Angelic architecture and can be found at the heart of the most significant sites in Elysium.

All Angels, including the Redeemed, gain a +2 Soak bonus against all forms of soakable damage while in the presence of an Ivory Tower.

IvoryTower.gif You are standing outside of Ivory Tower. The pure ivory walls of this tower gleam a bright white in the sun, seeming to give off more light than the sky.
You are standing inside of Ivory Tower. The walls inside the tower are made of a pristine, white marble. There are bright, polished machines composed of gears and bits of clockwork everywhere throughout the building, each rotating in unison for some unknown purpose.

Outside Inside
Find % 5 30
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Smithing Gunsmithing Alchemy Strongholds