Ivory Guardian

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Ivory Guardian
Magic Points

Cannot be summoned by players.

Action Points Magic Points Hit Points
 ?? 80 160
To Hit Defense
 ??%  ?%
Primary Attack Secondary Attack
Holy, 15 Slashing, 11
Special Abilities

Ivory Guardians are powerful Angelic automatons that defend the Angelic realm of Elysium. They are formidable combatants who can deal and absorb an extraordinary amount of damage in battle. If a Guardian is slain, another will appear soon after within Elysium to take its place. As creatures of exceptional holiness, they cannot be dispelled by the Corruptor's Cut the Silver Cord nor stolen with Touch of Corrupted Loyalty.

Despite their likely origin with the power of Namm, Ivory Guardians behave as if they do not possess the Hand of Zealotry skill, and will only target characters of Evil Morality.