Iron Fortress

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Iron Fortresses are colossal megastructures that tower over the blasted plains of Stygia. They are the seat of demonic lords and are monuments to infernal power and hubris. Iron Fortresses are often a mishmash of different structures and may be joined with Iron Keeps or Iron Garrisons. Three Iron Fortresses are presently accessible in Stygia:

  • The Nightmare Cascade, within the Unholy City of Pandaemonium
  • Akkaf Ma-Nethi, which dominates the iron wasteland of Gomorrah
  • Assassins Spire, one of the few structures that stands amidst the ruins of Gehenna

Iron Fortress.gif You are standing outside of Iron Fortress. The walls of the fortress are made of a black iron. Rust stains are drawn to the ground across its surface, as if it were bleeding at the seams.
You are standing inside of Iron Fortress. Every sound echoes deeply throughout the iron walls of the fortress.

Outside Inside
Find % 5 30
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Strongholds