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Class CP Requires
Void Walker 30 None
AP MP HP Duration
1 12 - 1 Status Tick
  • Void Walker vanishes from sight
  • Void Walker is not detected by Enhanced Senses or Search
  • Charges 1 MP every Status Tick to continue
  • Charges 3 MP every AP tick to continue

Character gains the ability to turn invisible. Doing so costs 1 AP, 12 MP, sends the message "[CharacterName] disappeared from view" to all characters in the tile, and grants the Void Walker the Invisible Status Effect for 1 Status Tick. This status effect acts as a superior (but more expensive) version of Hidden - the character cannot be located by the Search action nor by Enhanced Senses, while even Pets (with some few exceptions) are unable to attack the character.

Every status tick - except for AP ticks - the character spends 1 MP to "renew" the Invisible status for another status tick. A character with less than 1 MP will lose 1 MP and become visible.

Every AP tick, the character spends 3 MP to "renew" the Invisible status for another status tick. A character with less than 3 MP will lose 3 MP and become visible.

Taking an "attack" action or casting any spell immediately breaks the effect and makes the character visible. The effect is also broken by another character in the same tile using either the Spell Reveal, or the the skills Demon Tracker or Lamp of Clinging Purity.

Void Walker Skills

Assassins EdgePrecision of the Assassin |→ Assassins Cruelty || Enhanced Senses || Elite AttackInfinite Attack || InvisibilityGreater Invisibility || Stepping of the Corner (free skill) → Ether Stepping | → Stepping of the World GateStepping of the Stone