Inviolate Form

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Inviolate Form
Class CP Requires
Advocate 30 None
Inviolate Form
AP MP HP Duration
3 5 - 25 Status Ticks
  • Damage substracts from MP before HP

The character is able to activate Inviolate Form at a cost of 3 Action Point and 5 Magic Points. When activated, the character gains the Inviolate Form Status Effect for 25 Status Ticks (it cannot be stacked).

While Inviolate Form is active, effects that would normally cause the character to take damage instead cause the character to lose a number of Magic Points equal to the damage that would have been sustained. Even though the damage was prevented, the damage absorbed in this way will count toward the Damage Taken character statistic. If the character has 0 Magic Points, Inviolate Form has no effect though it does not end.

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