Intimidating Aura

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Intimidating Aura
Class CP Requires
Dark Oppressor 60 Curse of Blood
Intimidating Aura
AP MP HP Duration
7 16 - 1 hour
  • Persists independently in the area where it is cast
  • All non-factionmates in the area suffer -2 soak

The Dark Oppressor gains the ability to fill an area with an Intimidating Aura. The aura lasts for one hour and will continue to affect all characters in the area even if the Dark Oppressor leaves or is killed. The aura inflicts a -2 Soak penalty on all characters who are not factionmates of the Dark Oppressor. This can result in a negative soak.

The aura is a local status effect and only affects characters who remain in the area where the Aura persists (much like glyphs). Characters who leave the area will no longer be affected, and characters who enter the area after the Aura is cast will still be affected.

If multiple Dark Oppressors use this skill, only the "most recent" aura will be in effect: it does not stack or multiply, and if the previous aura was upgraded, it overwrites the effects.

When used in conjunction with pets or auras, the Intimidating Aura can be imposed defensively and left alone. The aura cannot currently be dispelled by any means.

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