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Obsolete The page is marked obsolete.
The info listed here is no longer accurate / out-of-date.
Infusion Damage was only in effect for Breath 2 and has now been removed.

During Breath II, Infused tiles could cause damage to a character. There were two kinds of infusion- based damage: Alignment- based damage and Hostile Ground damage. Whether or not a character took damage from an infused tile -- and how much damage they took -- depended on a number of factors as explained below, but in no case would the tiles of a faction damage members of that faction. Additionally, Tier 1 characters and characters with the Planar Protection skill or the Planar Protection Status Effect did not take any damage.

Hierarchy of Damage

If a character entered a tile and would take damage from more than one of the following methods, then that character would take damage from the most damaging method -- they were not summed. The damage message the character receives would reflect this most damaging attack and not any of the lesser methods.

In the case of a tie, where more than one method would inflict the same amount of damage, the hierarchy of damage was that Hostile Ground Infusion Damage takes precedence over Alignment- based Infusion Damage took precedence over inherent damage that would be caused by the nature of the plane (for example, as Elysium or Gehenna would inflict). This hierarchy only affects which damage message the character receives and does not have any effect on the amount of damage inflicted.

Alignment- based Damage

A tile had to be infused at least 25 points before it would cause damage to a character because of Alignment incompatibility. Damage caused to a character because of Alignment was "free" damage -- in other words, the infusion points of a tile will not be affected or lessened.

Alignment- based Infusion Damage
Character is Tile is infused to
Good Neutral Evil
Angelic Tier 2 0 2 2
Angelic Tier 3 0 3 3
Transcended Tier 2 1 0 1
Transcended Tier 3 2 0 2
Demonic Tier 2 2 2 0
Demonic Tier 3 3 3 0

Hostile Ground Damage

Characters could take damage from moving to a tile that had been infused by a faction that declared the character's faction Hostile. The amount of damage depended on how deeply that tile had been infused.

The character's Morality offered no protection from this damage. If a Good character walked over a tile infused to a Good faction, but that faction and the character's faction were enemies, then the character would take damage.

When damage was dealt in this manner the tile would lose a number of points of infusion. The tile lost one point of infusion for every one point of damage dealt over and above any damage inflicted due to Alignment- based Damage (if any).

Hostile Ground Infusion Damage
Points of Infusion in the tile
<100 101- 199 200- 299 300- 399 400- 499 500
0 HP 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP 4 HP 5 HP


Evil Mortal

An Evil Mortal moves into a tile infused to a Good faction to a depth of 425 points. This character will take no damage because the character is a Mortal, and Mortals do not take Infusion- based damage.

Unfactioned Good Shepherd

A unfactioned Good Shepherd moves into a tile infused to an Evil faction to a depth of 375 points. The Shepherd will take 2 points of damage, and the tile will not lose any points of infusion. This is Alignment- based Infusion Damage. Since the Shepherd is not a member of a faction it doesn't matter how deeply the tile is infused to an Evil faction -- the Shepherd will take the same 2 points of damage whether the tile is infused 25 points deep (the minmimum for Alignment damage) or 500 points deep.

Neutral Eternal Soldier

A Neutral Eternal Soldier in the example faction Soldiers of Bob enters a tile infused to the example Good faction Angel Power! to a depth of 400 points. Angel Power! and Soldiers of Bob are not Hostile to each other, so the Eternal Soldier takes 2 points of Alignment- based Infusion Damage, and the depth of infusion is not a concern. If the Eternal Soldier becomes Evil (or Good) at some point and crosses over the same tile, he would still take 2 points of damage -- this damage is based on the character's class not Morality.

The Eternal Soldier then enters a tile infused to the example Evil faction Demonz iz Kool to a depth of 320 points. Demonz iz Kool is Hostile to Soldiers of Bob, so the Eternal Soldier will take 3 points of Hostile Ground Infusion Damage. This tile will lose 1 point of infusion, bringing it to 319 points. It loses 1 point because the tile inflicted 3 points of damage in total, but 2 of those points were from Alignment- based Infusion Damage (which is free).

Evil Pariah

An Evil Pariah in the faction Demonz iz Kool enters a tile infused to the example Neutral faction Fence Sitters to a depth of 175 points. Fence Sitters is Hostile to Demonz iz Kool -- how much damage does the Pariah take?

The Pariah takes 2 points of damage due to Alignment- based Infusion Damage because this damage is greater than the 1 point Hostile Ground Infusion Damage would inflict. The tile does not lose any points of infusion because the damage was inflicted via Alignment- based Infusion Damage.

Good Advocate

A Good Advocate in the faction Angel Power! enters a tile infused to the example Good faction Holy Rollers to a depth of 500 points. Holy Rollers is Hostile to Angel Power!, so how much damage -- if any -- does the Advocate take?

As the Advocate is Good and Holy Rollers is Good, there is no Alignment- based Infusion Damage. However, since the factions are Hostile, the Advocate will take 5 points of Hostile Ground Infusion Damage. The tile will lose 5 points of infusion (none of the damage inflicted was via Alignment- based Infusion Damage and therefore free), bringing it to 495 points.

Good Infernal Behemoth

A true rarity, a Good Infernal Behemoth, enters a tile infused to Angel Power! to a depth of 445 points. Angel Power! is Hostile to the Infernal Behemoth's faction. How much damage, and of which type, will the Infernal Behemoth take?

We will never know, because this Infernal Behemoth is very well prepared and drank a Potion of Planar Protection. Since the Infernal Behemoth has the Status Effect Planar Protection the demon will take no damage, and the tile will not lose any points of infusion.

... Okay, he'd take 4 points of damage, of which 3 are from Alignment Conflicts, causing the infusion depth of 445 points to drop to 444 points.