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Obsolete The page is marked obsolete.
The info listed here is no longer accurate / out-of-date.
Infuse existed in Breath 3, but was removed in Breath 4 and is no longer available.

Class CP Requires
Defiler 20 None
Shepherd 20 None
Sorcerer 20 None
AP MP HP Duration
1-30 1-30 - -
  • Only available if Character is outside
  • The character may spend up to 30 AP and MP to infuse a location equal to the AP/MP cost
  • Tiles can have a maximum of 500 infusion. Excess AP and MP are not returned to the user

This skill allows the character to infuse their current location. The character must be outside.

The character can spend 1 Action Point and 1 Magic Point to infuse the location for 1 point. The character can also choose to infuse for more than 1 point at a time. The maximum is 30 points of infusion for a cost of 30 AP and 30 MP in one action. Infusion triggers exactly one Status Tick regardless of AP spent.

Infusion does grant 1 XP per 2 points infused to the infusing character. Add 3XP if fully uninfusing a tile. Add another 3XP if turning a tile over to your faction.

If the Infuser is in a faction and "Wrests Control" of a tile (by infusing a tile owned by another faction and changing it to their own in one infusion action) then the faction will gain 2 Renown. Note that there are no renown gains for defusing a tile or infusing an unclaimed tile.
The number of infused tiles a faction holds is the Karma for that faction, and can only be increased by infusion (or planting a Stronghold to infuse tiles.)

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