Infernal Jets

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Infernal Jets
Class CP Requires
Fallen 30 None
Infernal Jets
AP MP HP Duration
- - -

Grants the character ever-increasing movement speed in one direction

Infernal Jets grants the Fallen the ability to travel faster in one direction. The bonus is greater the longer the Fallen remains moving in one direction.

The benefit of Infernal Jets is not noticeable at first, but gradually increases the longer the Fallen remains moving in one direction. After two or more steps in one direction, movement costs are one-third of normal. If the Fallen ever changes direction (for example, by turning south after traveling northwest for some time) the benefit of Infernal Jets is lost, and the character must build up momentum once more.

If the character's path crosses a tile type that costs more than 1 AP, such as water or Mountains, the increased cost of moving through that tile is factored into the cost of moving with Infernal Jets. For instance, a Fallen moving through a patch of Mountains would pay 2 AP, then 2 AP, then would be able to cross three tiles for 2 AP, and so forth. Infernal Jets does not protect the user from damage-dealing areas such as the Lake of Fire.

Flying is mutually exclusive with Infernal Jets. If the Fallen is already Flying as the result of a potion, flight will supersede and Infernal Jets will not come into effect.

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