Infernal Behemoth

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Infernal Behemoth
Tier: 3
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Pariah



Sometimes, a Pariah will become so tormented by their curse, they will give in to the most basic feral nature at the core of their soul, and allow the beast within to take over. Such Pariahs will grow out of control as the beast attempts to escape, and they become far more violent. Such Pariahs are known as Infernal Behemoths. Angelic scholars will say that because Infernal Behemoths have reverted to an animal state they are lacking any form of intelligence, and those that seem to display intelligence are rare exceptions. However, the opposite is actually true. Most Infernal Behemoths will simply draw power from the beast within, rather than becoming the beast itself.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Bloodlust Triggered. When killing a target or landing a successful Rage Strike, gains Bloodlust status effect.
Activated. When consuming Blood Ice, gains Bloodlust status effect.
- 30 - -
Adrenal Healing Triggered. When attacking a target under the effects of Bloodlust status effect., regenerates 3 HP.
Passive. Improves soak when under the effects of Bloodlust.
Bloodlust 60 - -
Berzerk Frenzy Passive. Improves H2H and Melee damage and accuracy when under the effects of Bloodlust, non-attack actions cost an additional 1 MP. Bloodlust 60 - -
Elite Attack Passive. Increases damage of non-spell attacks by 2. - 30 - -
Fire Immunity Passive. Grants immunity to Fire damage. - 30 - -
Burning Aura Passive. Gains a defensive aura that deals (character level/4) Fire damage.
Activated. Gains the Flaming Weapons status effect.
Fire Immunity 60 -
Hulking Brute Passive. Increases HP by 25 and accuracy with Heavy Weapons by 5%. In addition the Behemoth regenerates 2 HP every AP tick. - - - -
Chitinous Armor Innate Armor.
Passive. Increases HP by 25.
Hulking Brute 60 - -
Fiendish Bulk Passive. Increases HP by 35, carrying capacity by 10, accuracy with Heavy Weapons by 5%, and rate of building Fortifications by 5/AP. Hulking Brute 60 - -
Infernal Combat Passive. Increases accuracy of H2H and Heavy Weapons attacks by 10%. - 30 - -
Tailwhip Innate H2H weapon (10 Slashing, base 5% to-hit). Infernal Combat 60 - -
Whip of Torment Innate Melee Heavy Weapon (9 Unholy, base -5% to-hit). Infernal Combat 60 - -
Rage Strike Charged Attack. Increases damage by 15, and changes damage type to Unholy. - 30 +1 +15
Unfettered Fury Passive. Reduces cost of Rage Strike by 5 MP (from +15 MP to +10 MP). Rage Strike 60 - -
Leathern Wings Activated Travel. Gains the Flying status effect. - 30 1 3