Impish Mischief

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Impish Mischief
Class CP Requires
Wyrm Master 60 Summon Imp

Imps summoned by a character with this skill have improved statistics:

  • Attack percentage increase of +10%
  • Action Point increase of 10 points
  • Magic Point increase of 10 points
  • A successful hit by an Imp has a doubled chance to degrade armor, applied after durability enchants. Regular pets in the game have a 2% chance.
  • A successful hit by an Imp drains 2 Magic Point from the target. The Wyrm Master gains 1 Magic Point. The target cannot be drained to below 0 Magic Points, and the Wyrm Master will not gain Magic Points if the target has 1 or fewer Magic Points.
  • Imps do not drain MP from other pets, nor grant the Wyrm Master any MP from pet attacks.
Wyrm Master Skills

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