Idyllic Treehouse

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The main settlement of Arcadia is built amidst the lush forests of that land, and dotted with numerous Treehouses that offer shelter to righteous souls. Even larger buildings within Arcadia often owe much to the design of these houses, as nothing can be built there without the agreement of the trees.

Treehouse.gif You are standing outside of Idyllic Treehouse. This is a series of small, colorful wooden houses that have been built - or sometimes apparently grown - amidst the branches of tall, sturdy trees. They have steep roofs and painted walls, and exude a feeling of warmth and home. Rope bridges and ladders connect the houses.
You are standing inside of Idyllic Treehouse. The interior of the house is cozy and inviting, if small. It is filled with delectable foods and useful tools.

Outside Inside
Find % 10 30
Hide % 20 20
Allows: Strongholds