Ice Elemental

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Ice Elemental
Magic Points
  • Not Available
Action Points Magic Points Hit Points
 ??? 9001 3500
To Hit Defense
<100%  ???%
Primary Attack Secondary Attack
Arcane, 4, Cold, 4 None
Special Abilities
  • Does a minimum of 4 damage (2 Arcane, 2 Cold)
  • Inflicts Frostbite, reducing cold resistance by -10%, reducing soak by -1 (all damage types) to a minimum of 0 (and possibly others effects). Multiple instances of Frostbite can stack
Armor Effect
Slashing 6 Piercing 6 Impact 6
Fire 4 Cold Electric 6
Acid 6 Death 6
Holy 6 Unholy 6 Arcane 6
Ingame flavor text (may contain spoilers)
The crystal lets out a pulse of energy and a number of roughly human shaped piles of snow rise out of a nearby drift and attack.

A gust of snow obscures your vision for a moment. By the time you regain sight the Ice Elemental is nowhere to be seen.

Ice Elemental is the unique boss monster that has appeared during Nexmas events. It is restricted to the special Snowglobe plane, accessible by a portal from the Parliament Park at 15, 8, Laurentia. Movement within this plane will cause 3 points of Cold damage (can be negated with Cold Affinity, Wisp Form or Animus of the Bat, but not Way of Lightning. Cold soak will also lower the damage to a minimum of 1).

The Ice Elemental will target characters even if they are invisible, flying, or using Wisp Form. It will, however, prioritize attacking pets at all times.

The Ice Elemental attacks once every pet tick. It also immediately retaliates each time he is attacked. Its attacks deal 4 Arcane and 4 Cold damage at the same time (doing a minimum of 2 Arcane, 2 Cold, not considering immunity), and inflict 10 ticks of the Frostbite status effect on the target. The Frostbite effect reduces the character's damage resistance and soak. It can, however, be negated by consuming Blood Ice and Angel's Tears (First Aid Kits, Healing Herbs and Potions of Healing are ineffective). It is not resisted by Divine Providence.

When its health is lowered to a definite level, the Ice Elemental will enter Phase 2, in which it will teleport from one frigid lodestones to another (of the five located within the Snowglobe) every time it takes a certain amount of damage.

When the Ice Elemental's HP is reduced to a great extent, it enters Phase 3, and appears as Ice Elementals Heart, a(n) Ice Elemental at the Glacial Palace tile for the remainder of the fight. The Heart performs a devastating AoE attack on every pet tick.

Killing the Ice Elemental will grant the Wintertime Warrior badge and different special items (four different kinds of weapons, including the Freeze Ray, and Christmas presents plus free drink coupon).

Ingame flavor text (may contain spoilers)
You feel suddenly and noticeably warmer, and the sounds and smells of spring surround you. The Ice Elemental has been slain!