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While most of the population of Laurentia lived in Apartments by the time the city was pulled into the Nexus in 2027, much of the districts of Wolverton and Sunset still consisted of single-family homes owned by those affluent enough to afford them in the face of soaring property values. Several different periods and architectural styles of houses can be found in these areas of the city, depending on the taste and values of their owners.

In addition to Houses within Laurentia proper, the mountainous district of Windfall Ridge is dotted with vacation homes that offer a spectacular view of both the Altrean Mountains and the city below.

House.gif You are standing outside of House. It is one story tall with a wide, slanted roof. The facade is finished in dark wood and mostly consists of large windows.
You are standing inside of House. This is a three-bedroom house with an open floor plan. The decor is sparse but tasteful and the interiors are finished in slate and dark wood. A spiral staircase leads to a small loft.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 30
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Strongholds