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Laurentia had a thriving tourist industry and drew both eco-tourists seeking natural beauty and adventure in Windfall Ridge and the Altrean Mountains beyond and - as of the 2020s - medical tourists willing to pay spectacular sums for the latest in bionic augmentations. The Park Royale hotel in Silver City was a notable host of both these travelers and events frequented by well-to-do Laurentians, though some less well-heeled business travelers preferred more affordable establishments such as the Traveller's Inn on Sidney Island.

Hotel.gif You are standing outside of Hotel. This is a large glass building that stands about fifteen stories tall. It has a luxurious appearance and bright red signage on the top of the building.
You are standing inside of Hotel. An extravagant lobby and bar area at the entrance gives way to stairwells and elevators here, both leading to rooms which are luxurious but for the most part, identical. You find yourself easily lost in the winding, identical corridors.

Outside Inside
Find % 10 20
Hide % 15 30
Allows: Strongholds