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Laurentia had a first-rate, well-funded health system that was the envy (and favored destination) of other nations throughout Meropis. Using cutting-edge, augmentation-based medicine, Laurentian doctors were able to repair - and dramatically improve - the human condition. Most of these functions were lost when Laurentia was pulled into the Nexus, but Laurentian hospitals still have a wealth of supplies for field medics in the war.

Characters in a Hospital with the Surgery skill may craft a First Aid Kit for 5 Action Points or a Surgeons Kit for 10 Action Points. Characters without these skills can still Harvest First Aid Kits for a slightly higher cost. Surgery actions cost only 2 AP (instead of the normal 5) if performed in a Hospital with working electric power.

Hospital.gif You are standing outside of Hospital. This imposing six-story building is made of brick and concrete panels with cast concrete sun shades. The main entrance and emergency room entrance are visibly about thirty years newer than the rest of the building.
You are standing inside of Hospital. The halls of this building are painted mostly white, with signage color-coded to each floor. Most floors are populated with rooms containing exotic, non-functional machinery. The emergency waiting room area smells faintly of vomit and urine.

Outside Inside
Find % 10 30
Hide % 10 30