Holy Transfer

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Holy Transfer
Class CP Requires
Advocate 60 Anoint
Holy Transfer
AP MP HP Duration
2 (Spell) - Varies
  • Advocate can cast Buff or Aura spells on a single target for 2 AP
  • Transferred spells act as if they were cast by the target character but with doubled duration

Characters with this skill gain the ability to cast any Buffing spells or Aura spells that they know on to any other character. These spells must be cast from memory and cannot be cast from any Spellgems they may have.

This skill costs 2 Action Points to use, and a Magic Point cost equal to the normal cost of the spell to be cast. For example, casting Guided Blade (normally 10 Magic Points to cast) on another character will require the character to spend 2 Action Points and 10 Magic Points. This doubles the duration of the spell.

Spells will otherwise behave exactly as if they had been cast by the target character. This includes the ability to stack the spells, MP cost reduction from guilds or other sources and so on.

Advocate Skills

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