Holy Fury

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Holy Fury
Class CP Requires
Divine Herald 30 None
Holy Fury
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 20 Minutes
  • Upon activation, User gains 20 HP. (Can go over Maximum.)
  • Character loses 1 HP per minute.
  • Character heals 3 HP every time they attack with melee or hand-to-hand.

This skill costs 1 Action Point and 10 Magic Points to activate. When activated, the character gains 20 additional Hit Points and the Holy Fury Status Effect for 20 minutes. The character can go over their normal maximum Hit Point total by use of this skill. This skill cannot be used if the character is already under the influence of the Holy Fury Status Effect.

While under the effect of Holy Fury, at every minute, the character will lose 1 Hit Point. In addition, each time the character makes a Melee or Hand-to-Hand attack while under the influence of Holy Fury and is at less than full HP, the character gains 3 HP.

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