Holy Bulwark

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Holy Bulwark
Class CP Requires
Holy Champion 60 Cloak of Divine Resolve
  • Immune to all MP draining and sapping abilities

The Holy Champion is now immune to all MP draining and sapping abilities. This does not include MP losses incurred by active Cloaks. This is a passive ability and it is always on.

Mischievous Imps, Defilers with Dark Heart, and Conduits with Nexal Sapping are three examples that would otherwise be capable of draining MP.

Holy Champion Skills

Aether ManipulationArcane Warrior |→ Martial Spellcraft || Cloak of AirCloak of the TornadoCloak of the Whispering Wind || Cloak of Divine Resolve (free skill) → Cloak of Holy Radiance |→ Holy Bulwark || Cloak of EarthCloak of SteelCloak of the Foundation || Cloak of FlameCloak of InfernoCloak of the Eternal Flame || Cloak of WaterCloak of the Deep RiverCloak of the Relentless Sea || Cloak of Lightning | Cloak of Quicksand | Cloak of Magma | Cloak of Mist || Summon Avenging LightCleansing Light || Holy Fortitude || Wings