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Hit Points (HP) is the measure of a character's physical health. Injuries (for example, from attacks) will decrease a character's Hit Points, and when the character's HPs are reduced to 0 the character dies and must respawn.

Hit Points can be restored by various means. Characters with the First Aid or Surgery skill can heal other wounded characters, food can be eaten to regain a small amount of HP, and some items (for example, potions) may also have a healing effect.

Unlike Action Points or Magic Points, Hit Points are not restored at the 15 minute game tick.

The four states of a character's Health Bars

The overall state of a character's health is reflected in the game interface by a red vertical bar (the HP bar) next to each character's name. A full bar (state A in the image)indicates full health. A character at less than full health but at least half health (state B) will have a less than full bar. A character at less than half health but with at least 10% of their Hit Points remaining (state C) will have a barely filled bar. A character with less than 10% of their Hit Points remaining (state D) will have an empty bar. Characters with First Aid will see the actual numerical Hit Point value of any other characters in their location by moving their cursor over the red health bar.

Increasing Hit Points

All starting characters begin with a maximum of 50 Hit Points. Characters will gain an additional +1 Hit Point per level, beginning with the attainment of their 10th level. This natural Hit Point progression ends at 30th level when the character obtains their maximum Hit Point total of 71 points.

There are also skills available that can increase a character's maximum Hit Point total. Those skills are:

Recovering Hit Points

There are Items and Skills which allow a character to heal themselves or other characters. Note that it is not possible to heal a character above their normal maximum Hit Point total, so if a 5 point healing item is used on a character that is wounded by 2 point, 3 points of healing are lost.

When a character heals another character, the healer's HP Healed statistic increases. When the HP Healed statistic reaches given thresholds certain bonuses can be earned.

Demons are cursed by their inherent evil nature, and cannot be healed by another character. Demons may only be healed if they heal themselves (via food, items, spells, skills, or other means).

A character can recover Hit Points by the use of:

Skills which can be used to recover Hit Points:

Skills which can cause characters to regenerate Hit Points each AP Tick: