Healing Aura

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Healing Aura
Class CP Requires
Advocate 30 None
Healing Aura
AP MP HP Duration
1 7 0 20+ Status Ticks

Nearby Good characters gain Healing Aura status. Caster does not.

Costs 1 AP and 7 MP to activate. When activated, all good-aligned characters currently in the character's tile (but not the character itself) receive the "Healing Aura" status effect for 20 Status Ticks. Multiple uses reset (do not stack) the duration. While under the Healing Aura status effect, characters heal 1 hit point of damage each status tick.

Possessing the skills Heal Others or Absolve Suffering increases the duration of Healing Aura by 10 ticks each, to a maximum of 40.

Advocate Skills

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