Heal Others

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Heal Others
Class CP Requires
Shepherd 20 None
Heal Others
AP MP HP Duration
1 X(1-30) - -
  • Cannot Target Demonic characters.
  • Target gains X HP. (Cannot go over maximum. Excess MP is not returned to the user.)
  • Target is cured of Defiler Poison and Minor Poison, if afflicted by them.

This skill allows the character to heal other characters through the expenditure of Magic Points. Each usage of Heal Others requires 1 Action Point, and there is a maximum of 30 Magic Points that can be spent at one time.

For every Magic Point spent the character can heal 1 Hit Point, with a maximum of 30 Magic Points able to be spent at one time. To heal characters wounded for more than 30 points of damage it will be necessary to use this skill more than once.

If the Shepherd is an Advocate with Healing Aura, having Heal Others increases the duration of Healing Aura by 10 points.

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