Harbinger of Death

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Harbinger of Death
Class CP Requires
Divine Herald 60 Dust to Dust
Harbinger of Death
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 10 Minutes
  • If "Harbinger of Judgement" is active, the "Harbinger of Judgement" effect is removed.
  • Character is immune to Death damage.
  • Character's melee and bow attacks deal Death damage. This damage type change overrides that of Harbinger of Conquest but not that of Harbinger of Judgement.
  • Character gains 5 MP (can go over max) and 1 AP each time he kills an Evil character (or a Neutral character with Hand of Zealotry).

For a cost of 1 Action Point and 10 Magic Points, the character activates the Harbinger of Death Status Effect for 10 minutes (duration can be stacked).

Harbinger of Death does the following:

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