Hand of Zealotry

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Hand of Zealotry
Class CP Requires
Shepherd 20 None
Paladin 20 None
  • Attacks on Neutral Morality targets does not shift the character's Morality

Characters with this skill no longer have a change in their Morality when attacking or killing a target of Neutral Morality. Pets owned by characters with this skill will freely attack targets of Neutral Morality if their targeting stance allows it.

Shepherd Skills

Absolve Suffering || AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Energize || Heal Others || Hand of ZealotryHolier than Thou || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Prayer (free skill) → Devout Supplication || Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver |→ Sanctify Spell

Paladin Skills

Bolster AttackSmite || Combat Mastery || Shield of Faith (free skill) → Defensive Stance || Hand of ZealotryHolier Than Thou || Divine Armor || Strong AttackElite Attack