Hand of Zealotry

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Hand of Zealotry
Class CP Requires
Shepherd 20 None
Paladin 20 None
  • Attacks on Neutral Morality targets does not shift the character's Morality

Characters with this skill no longer have a change in their Morality when attacking or killing a target of Neutral Morality. Pets owned by characters with this skill will freely attack targets of Neutral Morality if their targeting stance allows it.

Learning the Hand of Zealotry skill causes the bonuses of Glyph Mastery for angels to apply to Glyphs vs Neutral. Normally Angels only benefit from the Glyph Mastery skill when casting Glyphs vs Evil. Membership in the Accord of the Sun-touched Guild also grants this benefit.

Shepherd Skills

Absolve Suffering || AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Energize || Heal Others || Hand of ZealotryHolier than Thou || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Prayer (free skill) → Devout Supplication || Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver |→ Sanctify Spell

Paladin Skills

Bolster AttackSmite || Combat Mastery || Shield of Faith (free skill) → Defensive Stance |→ Divine Armor || Hand of ZealotryHolier Than Thou || Strong AttackElite Attack