Hallowed Ground

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Throughout Elysium can be found a expanses of Hallowed Ground. So great is the holiness of this land, sanctified by the devotion of innumerable saints and martyrs, that it deals 5 points of Holy damage to any being passing through it that is not an Angel or using some form of flight. Planar Protection provides no defense against this damage, though it can be reduced through Soak or immunity to Holy damage.

It is not possible to Hide in Hallowed Ground, nor will attempts to Search turn up any items that can be looted from this sacred place.

HallowedGround2.png You are standing outside of Hallowed Ground. The grassy landscape of this area is dotted with small ruins and statues, making it almost seem like a necropolis. The sounds of battle that once marked this land have been replaced by a soft breeze through tall grass.
Hallowed Grounds have only an outside location.