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Haldos (sometimes Haldos the Diseased or Haldos the Deathless) was an extremely powerful sorcerer who was obsessed with death and all things concerning it. He was the first to discover the secrets of Lichdom - the powers that grant dominion over death, and through death, immortality.

He was the first to learn to animate the dead and to command them, and his mere presence was said to wither plant life. He kept meticulous and detailed notes about his work and theories or discoveries about the Nexus, and some of these notes survive to this day as the Lore of Haldon (sometimes referred to as Halnish Lore or the Gospel of Lazarus). Much of what can be gathered from his writings suggests that he once came under the tutelage of Tlacolotl, a partnership that may have proven his eventual undoing.

His name has been connected throughout history with all manner of dark and necrotic happenings; indeed, in the middle ages of some Breaths many alchemists believed that he was Lazarus himself, originally raised from the dead by the Christian messiah. Modern magical scholars dismiss this account, however, believing him to never have been touched by grace.

Haldos is said to have been destroyed in a great battle of magic that took place in the Necrotic Tower, his dark citadel in Purgatorio. Legend states that he did battle with the Greater Power of Death, Hashaa - the so-called grim reaper - who had become angered by Haldos' meddling in the deep magicks reserved for Death and Death alone. However, many consider this, too, to be only a legend, arguing that a creature who spent his entire existence learning about death may very well yet still haunt the Nexus.

Rumors of Haldos' "survival" proved true during Saint Germaine's Breath, experienced by players as Nexus War, during which his ruined Necrotic Tower emerged in Purgatorio and his vestige could be found roaming its shattered halls, dispatching unwanted visitors and summoning Wraiths. Hashaa (not wanting to interfere directly if she did not need to) offered considerable boons to anyone who could seek him out and destroy him, but despite the organized efforts of several groups of players he proved too formidable a foe to be killed by participants in the Struggle. Perhaps driven to overconfidence by his survival, Haldos made a bid at the end of that Breath to lay claim over Hashaa's home plane of Nifleheim - an attempt that was thwarted by the combined efforts of Hashaa's cultists.

In the current Breath, the Necrotic Tower has once again emerged in the Stygian demiplane of The Death Cascade, drawn to one of Haldos' remaining Phylacteries. The uberlich himself is nowhere to be seen, but Wraiths loyal to him roam the land and defend his tower from those he deems unworthy.