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Laurentia was a center of international commerce in the world of Meropis, which included armaments manufacturing despite the persistent neutrality of the Laurentian state. While most of the customers of such companies were police and military forces abroad or at home, Laurentia had a significant "Pioneer"-based outdoorsman culture. While the city had considerable regulations on firearm ownership, many citizens owned firearms for sports and hunting, and a number of arms manufacturers owned retail gun stores throughout the city to serve these needs. These stores have the equipment to craft guns and ammo. It is possible to Harvest either Pistol Clips or Pistols from a Gun Store.

Gun Store.gif You are standing outside of Gun Store. This is a large, windowless warehouse. An extensive system of fortified entrances and cameras can be found at its perimeter, but most have been disabled.
You are standing inside of Gun Store. This was clearly once the shipping center of an international arms conglomerate, containing stacked crates in a warehouse with several zones of security. A small retail front office can be found on one side, with display cases and a targeting range. Much of the visible merchandise has been looted.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 45
Hide % 10 20
Allows: Gunsmithing