Greater Invisibility

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Greater Invisibility
Class CP Requires
Void Walker 60 Invisibility
AP MP HP Duration
1 8 - 1 Status Tick
  • Void Walker vanishes from sight.
  • Void Walker is not detected by Enhanced Senses or Search.
  • Charges 2 MP every AP tick to continue, and the effect ends if the Void Walker does not have enough MP to pay

As Invisibility, but reduces initial cost to become invisible from 12 MP to 8 MP, removes the "per-status-tick" cost and reduces AP tick renewal cost from 3 MP to 2 MP.

Void Walker Skills

Assassins EdgePrecision of the Assassin |→ Assassins Cruelty || Enhanced Senses || Elite AttackInfinite Attack || InvisibilityGreater Invisibility || Stepping of the Corner (free skill) → Ether Stepping | → Stepping of the World GateStepping of the Stone