Greater Arcane Siphon

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Greater Arcane Siphon
Class CP Requires
Wizard 90 Arcane Siphon
  • A successful hit with any Firearm attack generates 2 MP for the Wizard.
Arcane Marksman (Upgrade)
AP MP HP Other
- +3 - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Charge -
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Arcane, Fire, Electric, Cold, Death, or Impact - -
  • Only works with Firearms
  • Wizard's Aura Spells deal supplemental damage as if performing a close-combat attack.
  • Arcane Marksman deals Spell Familiarity bonus damage.
  • Bonus damage doubled vs Wards
  • Arcane is +5 vs Wards

With Greater Arcane Siphon, the base cost of Arcane Shot is reduced from 4 MP to 3 MP, and the MP generation of Arcane Siphon is increased to 2 MP per successful hit. This makes the charged attack significantly cheaper to use.

If the Wizard successfully hits a character or pet (but not targets, wards, or doors) with a firearms attack (regardless of whether they are using Arcane Marksman to charge the attack), they gain 2 MP. This is not cumulative with the 1 MP gained from Arcane Siphon, as it is an upgrade. It is possible to go over a character's normal Magic Point maximum by using this skill, but a character who has done so will lose 5 Magic Points per Game Tick until their magic total no longer exceeds their normal maximum.

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