Great Wyrm

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Great Wyrm
Magic Points
  • Not Available
Action Points Magic Points Hit Points
1000 1000 4000
To Hit Defense
150% 30%
Primary Attack Secondary Attack
10 Unholy plus 10 Piercing None
Special Abilities

The spawn of the flesh of Tholaghru, the Great Wyrm burns tunnels through the fabric of the planes.

The Great Wyrm is a unique Wandering Monster that can be found in the Warrens beneath the Wyrmwaste of Uffern in Stygia. A creature of tremendous power, the Wyrm is mindless and instinctual and exists to gnaw matter down into a state of chaos and meaninglessness. In addition to the caves beneath the Wyrmwaste, the Wyrm has gnawed a labyrinthine nest of tunnels through many layers of reality, intruding upon other Planes in the process - including some that were wisely left forgotten until the beast passed through.

If found, the Wyrm is a formidable foe in combat, and deals 10 simultaneous points each of Unholy and Piercing Damage every pet Tick, as well as once per attack on it. In addition, it inflicts Corrosive Venom, a potent toxin that deals 9 points of damage per action and prevents all means of healing. Unless an Antitoxin can be applied to render oneself immune to the venom, this effect will quickly wear down even the most powerful of Nexal warriors.

The Great Wyrm will attack Pets, but cannot be attacked by them. For all of its power, it may still be confounded by Invisible characters, but will sense the presence of and lash-out against anyone foolish enough to think themselves Hidden in its lair, even Shadowskulking Fallen Angels (unlike all other monsters who cannot attack characters through invisibility). Every pet tick (10 seconds), the Wyrm will regenerate 50 points of HP.

Slaying such a terrible foe is a colossal task worthy of the largest and best organized of factional alliances, and is commemorated with a global announcement declaring who has slain the Wyrm. Successful hunts award Badges to those who took part, which come with extra Character Points.

  • The "Wyrm Hunter" badge and 5 CP each goes to each character involved in the battle (i.e. those that did at least 1 point of damage).
  • The "Wyrm Slayer" badge and an extra 10 CP goes to the character who deals the killing blow.
  • The "Wyrmsbane" badge and an extra 15 CP goes to the character who deals the most damage to the Great Wyrm.

A character can only gain each badge (and the associated CP) once, for a total of 3 badges and 30 CP. Progress toward these badges only counts while the battle against the Wyrm continues. The Wyrm heals rapidly, and if it ever regenerates to full health, all damage dealt in an attempt to kill it will be forgotten.

The Great Wyrm is not a singular entity, and others exist traversing the Planes. If it is slain, another will take up residence in its lair eventually.