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The portfolio of the Elder Power commonly known as Goros is best described as the qualities and relationships of physical matter. This encompasses such concepts as space (which governs the relationships among pieces of physical matter; for example, the effect of gravity between two objects) and the laws of the physical world (for example, the chemical properties of matter).


Goros is sometimes referred to as "Goros the Gatekeeper". He is never depicted in human form - nearly all stories involving Goros describe him as an albino raven.

The language used by the cult of Goros is a highly complex and expressive tongue called, simply, Goro. Goro uses a modified and extended version of the Rashallan glyph set as the script of its written form. The language lends itself more towards ethereal and metaphysical concepts than with practical terminology. For example, there are are fifteen words for "process" and only three words for "attack."

The symbol of Goros is a simple representation of two connected points and is a stylized version of the mathematical symbol for a trigonometric function in the cult language of Goro.


Goros craves uniformity and elegance (which is not always the same as simplicity) and his incredible understanding of both “nature writ large” (in the interactions among huge celestial bodies) and “fundamental relationships” (in the interactions among the tiniest particles of matter) have allowed him to exercise dominion over the shaping of the Nexal Breaths to the point where even the other Elder Powers simply accept that some things in the Nexus will “always look a certain way” from a distance - even if the fine-grain details may change.

When so moved, Goros’ intimate understanding of the universe allows him to perform feats that seem to “break the laws of nature” - for instance, forming “shortcuts” in space between two points or seeming to create “something out of nothing.” These are not truly violations of nature; rather, they are tapping into fundamental understanding of nature beyond the normal mortal experience.

However, because of his devotion to comprehending the physical nature of the world, Goros tends to be very idealistic about his elegant rules – he finds the universal symmetry they present beautiful in and of themselves. He lacks the pragmatism required to understand that the application of these strict physical laws to vagaries of a human experience tend to make tough impositions on the lives of everyday people. On those rare occasions when Goros does interact with mortals, it is generally to prod deep philosophical discussions on the nature of existence itself.

Goros was the primary shaper of the world that contained Saint Germaine, and likely many other worlds that bore the name Earth. Worlds shaped by Goros are the most ordered by logical physical laws and last an extremely long time; the portion of their history in which they are inhabited by intelligent mortals is often little more than a historical blip at the end of a naturalistic timeframe spanning astronomical numbers of years.


Goros does not so much empower classes within the Nexus as create frameworks which they work. A Conduit seeks to apply the deeper understanding of the universe that Goros knows most truly to apply localized change to the universe around themselves. Nexus Champions, by contrast, turn their focus inwards - Nexus Champions apply similar localized change to themselves to alter small but vital fundamental facts about their own place in the universe and so grow in power.