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Gomorrah is a small demiplane in the far southeast of the demonic plane of Stygia. Gomorrah is an industrial hell of rusted iron machines divided by the noxious River Acheron. Many of its hellish machines still work, though many more have rusted to uselessness with all knowledge of their purpose lost to history or prehistory. It is in Gomorrah that the infernal machinery of the Fallen is made. Gomorrah is dominated by the imposing presence of the Iron Fortress Akkaf Ma-Nethi.

Because of its mechanical nature, Gomorrah is the only place in Stygia that has its own power grid, radiating from the Everlasting Fire. East of the power plant, the already-unwholesome natural landscape of Stygia is gradually being consumed and converted into more land like the west end of Gomorrah.

Gomorrah can be reached from Laurentia via a fast-food restaurant in Sunset. Within Stygia, Gomorrah contains pathways to Tartarus, Uffern, The Death Cascade and Sanguinis Diabolus.