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Glyphs of Protection, Pain, Slowing, and Sapping exist, and are tuned to Moralities (for example, "Glyph of Protection vs. Good").

  • Glyphs cannot be created on tiles with permanent Portals on them, regardless of whether the portal is mundane (e.g. a train station) or magical.
  • Characters cannot create a glyph on the same tile as another faction's stronghold while the stronghold has a ward, and may only create glyphs of protection outside even if the ward is down.
  • Some Faction Upgrades prevent or penalize non-faction-members from creating Glyphs on the exterior of the stronghold tile.
  • Each type of Glyph has a different effect on their target. See their individual pages for details.
  • Any character may attack a glyph (including attacking a "Glyph of Protection vs. ..." from an adjacent tile) as long as they are either themselves affected by the glyph or one moral step from being affected.. For instance, a Good character may attack Glyphs vs Good or Glyphs vs Neutral, but may not attack Glyphs vs Evil. Attacks against a glyph are conducted in the "door actions" area. The Keyboard Shortcut "G" will trigger an attack on a Glyph.
  • Glyph spells last for 2.5 hours (150 minutes), or until destroyed. Characters with the Glyph Mastery skill may (depending on their class) cast Glyphs with higher duration.
  • Casting a Glyph spell multiple times causes this duration to stack.
  • Glyphs have (caster level * 10) hit points when created. Characters with the Glyph Mastery skill may (depending on their class) cast Glyphs with higher total hit points.
  • Casting a Glyph spell multiple times will cause the Glyph's duration to stack and its hit points to be restored to the current caster's level * 10 (if the glyph currently has more hit points than this, its hit points are not reset).
  • Glyphs on the exterior of a tile will not affect characters in the interior, and vice versa. The exception is the glyph of protection if cast inside.
  • Casting Glyphs vs Good is considered a morally Evil action if the caster is of Good morality, and will cost a Good-aligned caster 3 points of Morality if cast.
  • Angels cannot learn Glyphs vs Good.
  • Pets are NOT subject to the effects of Glyphs.

Erasure spells have also been added that deal a large amount of damage to these Glyphs.
The Glyphs are found in Spellgems and are already attuned to a certain moralities, thus you'll never find the spell "Glyph of Pain", instead you'd find "Glyph of Pain vs. Evil"

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